File Specifications

Before sending in your digital files, please review the following specifications. If you are unsure about the specifications please do not hesitate to contact our pre-press department prior to sending your file.

Include all fonts & supporting images. Supporting images should be in CMYK colour format. Images should be a at a resolution of 300dpi.

Adobe Illustrator
Save file as an PDF Format, images should be embedded, and fonts should be converted to outlines.

Adobe Photoshop
Your Photoshop files should be flattened and saved as TIF document. Please make sure that your document is in CMYK colour format and at a resolution of at least 300 dpi.

Save as a CDR Format. All fonts must be converted to curves

PDF Format
We only accept PDF files that have been saved as a postscript file from your native program first, then "distilled" using Acrobat Distiller using PRESS setting.

All fonts used must be supplied. Both printer and screen fonts must be included. Postscript fonts yield industry standard results. Alternatively all fonts can be converted to outlines.

All scanned images should be of a professional standard. Scanned images need to be saved at an appropriate resolution of 300 dpi for continuous tone reproduction (photos and/or illustrations). Photos or scans should always be saved as CMYK and saved in tif format.

When we quote a print size, it is for that specific image area, please make bleeds inward (al teat .125") unless other wise specified, if you are bleeding outward please include bleed when requesting quote.

All colours in your document must be CMYK if you use spot colours in your design please convert them to cmyk before saving, duotone images must also be converted to cmyk. Colour is printed to standards, i.e. pleasing colour. Exact colour match not guaranteed. Critical colour requires a colour key or match print. Colour laser copies or other proofs are not considered accurate prepress proofs.